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Antonia and Cynthia have combined their love for eating well and delicious desserts to create the fabulous experience of Dipped Fresh. With dipped desserts and catering made fresh any selection you make will be a great choice. 


Antonia is the culinary artist and the creator of all the mouthwatering desserts. Our signature item is hand-dipped chocolate covered strawberries. However, Antonia also makes desserts from scratch like key lime tarts & pies, chocolate chip & caramel cookies, coconut macaroons, cheese cake, strawberry chocolate mousse cake and meringues.

She also makes caramel in small batches and uses it to dip our gourmet apples as well as sea salt caramels. Antonia believes that you eat with your eyes first, so all of her creations are as beautiful as they are delicious.

Cynthia is the operations manager for the business and the sous chef in the kitchen.

Her love of creating unique and healthy food combinations lead her to create interesting melodies consisting of all-time favorites, presented in a new light. Her love of music is the inspiration for the playful title of the sandwiches offered as well as the entrees and side dishes.


At Dipped Fresh we believe that people should be able to eat well and eat healthy, without it costing an outrageous price. To that end, Dipped Fresh serves the best products at very reasonable prices, while providing healthy alternatives to long standing favorites.


Dipped Fresh works hard to provide the freshest products and the most flavorful combinations of ingredients. We take extra care to serve you fresh and to prepare your food as you place your order. Even though it requires a wait, we wouldn’t have it any other way. At Dipped Fresh we believe in the principle of:


All good things take time.



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